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Welcome to Block House Creek Animal Hospital!

Looking for Great Health Care for Your Pet?

Block House Creek Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary care provider that has been serving the needs of Cedar Park/Leander and the surrounding communities since 1988.

At Block House Creek Animal Hospital, we are committed to serving as caring and compassionate members of the larger community, and we have supported our community and its pets in times of great need. During the Horseshoe Fire in Leander last August, for example, we were honored to be able to help “Cookie,” a badly burned cat, even though Cookie’s family had lost everything. Watch Cookie’s amazing story in the video!

Our professional and courteous staff brings that same sense of deep caring to provide the best medical, surgical and dental care for all of our highly valued patients. Dr. M. A. Urbanczyk, Jr., and our other experienced veterinarians and staff are passionate about serving the routine and special needs of small, large and exotic animals, ranging from regular check-ups to integrating pets into new living environments, and providing for the specific needs of new-born and aging animals. We are committed to providing the necessary care and attention to each animal’s medical needs to bring about a longer and more fulfilling life. Please contact us today to learn how Block House Creek Animal Hospital can
serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

Advanced technoligy and lab help us to diagnose your pet quickly to keep him healthy.

We believe on care more than drugs so regular checkup is important to keep pet healthy.

Grooming & Boarding
Our professional Pet groomers are trained to give a nice look to your lovely pet.

We have wide range of pet accessories and all foods your pet need to eat. Check our store.

Our Services

At Webful Veterinary Care is a full service Veterinary Hospital complete with onsite Pharmacy, Lab, X-Ray, and Surgery & Dental Suites. Here are some of services we offer for more details you can always call us.

Internal Medicine

Block House Creek Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility capable of providing care and treatmen... Read more »

Wellness/Prevention Program

Preventive medicine is the best medicine, and the key to keeping your pet happy and healthy. That is why preve... Read more »

Diagnostic Testing

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are one of the best tools we have to evaluate your pet's musculoskeletal, cardiopulm... Read more »


Up-to-date vaccinations are a key part of your pet’s overall health care plan. Some vaccines require annual ... Read more »

Senior Pets

Senior pets are excellent companions, and advances in veterinary medicine now make it possible for pets to liv... Read more »

Dental Care

Regular dental care is another vital aspect of your pet’s wellness/prevention plan. Dental issues can someti... Read more »

Farm Calls

We not only service pets, we make farm calls. We provide routine maintenance, as well as specific treatment wh... Read more »

Surgical Care

When surgery is necessary or recommended for the health of your pet, we take the utmost care with a gentle app... Read more »


Our caring and experienced groomers love to make your pet look its best! They can cut and style your pet’s c... Read more »


For peace of mind and confidence in knowing your pet is well cared for, our boarding services offer an excelle... Read more »

Emergency Services

We know that when your beloved pet is injured or otherwise in great distress, you need to know that you can ge... Read more »

Reproductive Medical Services

For both experienced and first-time breeders, we provide extensive reproductive health services ranging from i... Read more »

Why Choose Us?

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to Dr Hodges at Block House Creek Animal Hospital! She saved my 14-year-old cats life when I came to her for a second opinion on my cat; I was told he was fine despite having lost about 3 pounds in a month. Dr. Hodges is not your everyday vet. She has a true gift of knowing what to test for. She is wonderful at communicating and really respected my wishes and concerns. My pets are super important to me, I may be considered a little extreme by most but I really feel like she understands where I'm coming from.
Kimberly S., Austin, 3/17
This place is the BEST!! Dr. U is wonderful!!! We are so glad we found this animal hospital. Our female black lab enjoys every visit here. She had ACL surgery and did the best because of these people, total recovery, and a year later is acting like a puppy at age 10-1/2. We will trust our dog to no one else. Thanks Blockhouse!!
Dan G., Leander, 1/17
This is absolutely the best place ever! I've been taking my animals there for over 12 years to Dr. U and the last few years, Dr. Hodges. One of my dogs I had was very sick after I was recouping from surgery. He got to the point he needed daily care by them. Dr. Hodges took such great care of him and me and when it came time to let him go, she was so caring. I have since adopted another dog and they take such great care of him. I love going there cause I have my vet, groomer and boarder all in one so my dog is used to only one place and the same people! I've recommended family and friends there who all now call Blockhouse their home. Even since I've moved miles away, I still drive out of my way to go there. THE BEST!
Melissa B., Cedar Park, 11/16
This is the only vet we could find that could help us with our minipig! They were awesome and didn't gouge us with a big bill at the end. Our vet was very knowledgeable and nice. We only spent $180 for 5 medicines and an emergency after hours visit. I was in shock! Needless to say the piggy is all better and I will be returning! Thank you!
Bijoulea F., Bouldin, 6/16
I have been using these guys for many years now. My biggest complaint is that I didn't find them sooner and I wasted a lot of time and money with other vets! I have 10 dogs and a few other random animals, all of which have had excellent care at Block House. We breed, show, and raise several breeds and we've had all types of emergencies from broken bones to c sections. We've had all our special needs such as knee surgeries and breeding issues taken care of in house. Most vets send you away for that kind of issue. If you want to pay less money and not get your problems taken care of, go find a small clinic somewhere that are clueless. You'll spend more in the long run anyway. You get what you pay for and I've had absolutely no questions with my bills or level of care from them.
Cathryn D., Georgetown, 11/16


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